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PUBG : New State

Posted By: Breakdownonfire - 06 April
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PUBG New State
Developer : KRAFTON, Inc.
Publisher : KRAFTON
Genres : First-person shooter, Science fiction, Dystopian thriller, Neo-noir Action horror, Science fantasy (Zombies and Nightmares)
Platform : Android/ IOS
Release : 2021.
Media : Digital Download
Modes : Shooter
Language : English, Indonesia and 102 languages...
Version : GLOBAL
File Size : 1 GB

The PUBG franchise extends further with the addition of PUBG: New State, a new addition to the growing list of the popular massively multiplayer online action game franchise. This game catapults the players into the year 2051 and on a new map called Troi, featuring futuristic weapons that you can use to defeat the enemies. PUBG: New Slate is a free-to-play game. However, it requires devices running Android 6.0 or higher and at least 2.5GB of RAM.

Same gameplay, futuristic setting

PUBG: New Slate plays out like PUBG: Mobile. You, and 99 other players, will be dropped to the island of Troi, and you will duke it out until one player or team remains standing. There will be futuristic weapons, such as combat shields and drones at your disposal. Aside from other players, there is also the threat of the Blue Zone, that is ever-shrinking.  Get caught up in it, and it is game over for you.

Sumber : Website: newstate.pubg.com

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