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Download Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Bluray 2016

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Download Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Bluray 2016

Download Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Bluray 2016

It's happening! Yes, time flies so fast, do not feel it has been three years since the surprise Warner Bros. superhero universe's per-project by announcing a sequel Man of Steel, now a wet dream for every fanboy comic world, particularly DC Comics finally completely incident. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has arrived, bringing all the incredible hype since Zack Snyder press conference in the arena San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 ago. Snyder said that the sequel Man of Steel is not just any sequel, it will be a sequel to the epic nan because for the first time the two giants DC (Superman and Batman) meet and fisticuffs in the universe.

Its hype so great diiring with expectations also grow. From the surprise appearance of Batman in the sequel to Superman, casting Ben Affleck to Woder Woman His Gal Gadot, news recently about BVS always been a matter of discussion interesting for the moviegoers worldwide counting day after day to wait for the appearance of intact after being mowed trailler-trailler tempting without ever really realized that drastic measures are taken Snyder Warner Bros and this is an outstanding gambling with the same great bet. The effect later on, successfully or not, not only impact on the franchise Superman itself but also Batman, Justice League and the future adaptation of DC Comics in their efforts to at least be able to approach the fantastic work that has been made rival, Marvel with MCU his super solid that.

Half the story advanced Man of Steel and half prologue for Justice League, BVS started everything with a little back to repeat the origins of Batman before we see how the destruction of Metropolis in the climactic end of the Man of Steel turned out to be a big influence for many people, one of them is Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) who watched with his own eyes how the duel Superman and Zod takes so many lives. From this event Bruce Wayne then see that Superman could be a major threat for humans and then obsessed to stop the exploits of the man of iron revered like God by humanity. The problem is not just the presence of Superman who became controversial, in other places there is a threat that has been waiting silently, coming from the figure milliuner intelligent, Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).

We know Zack Snyder is a director who is well versed in utilizing CGI visual artistic process and the action scenes are pretty bombastic, but unfortunately he was not a good storyteller no matter behind him there is a great assortment of names Chris Terrio (Argo) and David S. Goyer (trilogy the Dark Knight), if there is one film the most good in storytelling perhaps it is the Watchman, the rest is nothing other than a director who likes to exploit a green screen and the pictures are nice, including the Man of Steel and BVS this. Yes, duration and touched two hours and a half should be more than enough for Snyder to produce a good narrative. moreover it has a very strong capital premise involves two greatest superheroes in the universe including all the philosophy of his God vs. man, but remains Snyder Snyder, BVS no better than the Man of Steel in terms of storytelling. This is arguably messy, confusing and no synergy with the concept and its universe. For example, Batman portrayed an old, already 20 years said Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), but no one seemed to know the man lunge bat it altogether whereas here in describing the location of Gotham and Metropolis just next door. No one knows how Lex Luthor could know everything, to the point that able to infiltrate the headquarters of Batman only to drop a uniform and letters and various other hefty plot hole would flicked your logic.
The rest, the first half moves so straight and boring with characters who speak without the support of dialogue strong without their depth and their interaction with one another, which means even if the potential to make it a more complex style of The Dark Knight belongs to Nolan with all elements of political, moral and search identity. The plot was a randomized, jumped one place to another with rude, not sewn neatly in order to form a unitary solid story and that one thing is certain, the aroma is too serious and dark, it will disappoint the young audience that hope will be many exciting show since early, so do not compare with the BVS artificial Marvel superhero who manages to look incredibly serious and casual alike, DC and Warner Bros still have much to learn more about this in order to win the battle lopsided ini.Jika there are forces that stand out here maybe it was a blessing casting the strong one. Many who initially underestimated election of Ben Affleck as Batman, but what happens on the ground say otherwise. Yes, Batman version Affleck different course, he had a distinct charm to the previous version of Batman, he was more brutal, physically stronger even depicted her age is not young anymore, like Alfred said, "You've Even too old to die young", even if you're honest, BVS noticeably more energy in each occurrence of the bat but that does not mean we can exclude Superman Henry Cavill with her. This fact is still Superman movie and he is still the biggest heart for the story. Snyder on paper should be explored further turmoil about the hero, how he had to face the difficult situation that makes it must take tough decisions, including his love with Louis Lane (Amy Adams), a pity it did not happen at least not done well. If Affleck should receive scorn when his election as Batman first time, a different fate suffered Gal Gadot directly revered although some say he was less plump to portray the character of Diana Prince, anyway, starring Gisele Yashar in franchise Fast & Furious successfully be screen stealer here. One annoying thing here is probably his Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg is annoying. Not that Eisenberg is not suitable portray her villiant problem he talked too much and he was not the Joker and everything was very mengesalkan.Dan kecerewetannya as he did in Man of Steel, Snyder put all his joy at the end of the film, yes, believe it was 30-45 minutes late BVS is the best part, especially when Woder Woman comes with so dramatic and impressive in a convoy of scoring mengelegar Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL, a little unfortunate is no longer surprising because it has been put on sale in the previous trailer. Incredible battle scenes devastating climax, making the water dripping liurmu amazement, the emergence of Doomsday actually result in tremendous damage to the superheroes we must work together to defeat it. Snyder knew exactly how to treat each scene with bombast, generating an excitement remarkable bit much to cure the disappointment in half first, for readers of the comics of course, already be a bit of guess what happens at the end when Snyder choosing raises the figure of Doomsday, but this is quite satisfied by ending his emotional and at the same time, it provided a solid foundation for the future presence of the Justice League.

Download Download Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Bluray 2016
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