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How to get indexed by Google in 24 hour only

Posted By: Breakdownonfire - 22 May
How to get indexed by Google in 24 hour only

How to get indexed by Google in 24 hour only. 

You created a web site over a month ago and expected Google to index it pretty quickly. Much to your dismay, however, the site hasn’t been indexed yet. When you type the name of your site into the Google search engine, nothing comes up. This is quite frustrating to you because it means that your site cannot be found by internet users. Your site is, essentially, missing. What if, however, you could get indexed by Google not in a week, not in a few days, but in 24 hrs? Seem unlikely? Well, it might be to some, but to others, it’s something that is expected and achieved regularly. What Can I Do to Get Indexed Quickly? A lot of people suggest to submit your site to Google by using the add link form. However, this never results in a quick listing. The reason is because the submission isn’t review for weeks and weeks due to how busy Google is. So you might as well forget about link submission because it’s not going to do any good. What, then, can you do to get indexed by Google quickly? There are actually a few things you can do, each of which are pretty effective and can lead to getting your site listed in as little as 24 hours. Try all of them and see the positive results it brings :

  1. A link on an existing site. In some of our other lessons, we touched on the fact that incoming links are of great importance to being listed in Google. They can increase the likelihood of a spider going to your site, thereby getting your site listed and ranked in the search engine. When you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to get such links because your site is unestablished. Thus, you must try other ways of doing this. One of the easiest ways is to join a forum for a relevant site and to begin posting. You don’t have to make a lot of posts, just a few quality ones will do. Put a link to your site in your signature. Search engine spiders will pick up on this quickly. Another easy way of doing this is to go to a relevant blog and post a comment there. Now, when doing this, you should be careful to not make your comment seem as though it is spam. Write an intelligent comment and sign your name as “name here of”. This lets blog owners know you’re not a bot, just a regular person who cares about the subject at hand. 
  2. Create an External Blog Blogs are well liked by Google. So well liked, in fact, that they are very quickly listed. A blog posting might be up in Google within 24 hours. You can go to any free site like and create a blog on there. You can then write a few posts and casually slip in a link to your site. With some luck, you site will be listed in the Google search engine quite quickly. 
  3. Add a Blog to Your Site. Adding a blog to your site can be a lot more effective than creating an external blog or even posting on forums. Free software like Wordpress allows you to quickly and easily add a blog section to your site. You can then add a couple quality postings (be sure to use some keywords) to the blog. Because Google loves blogs and indexes them quickly, you can expect them to take notice of your blog and your site very quickly. This is the most effective way of getting indexed quickly so do not ignore it. 

Why Do These Methods Work? 

In the case of the first and second methods, you are getting inbound links to your site. That means that when Google visits the site and sees a link to your site on it, they’ll go to yours and then list it. Links, as you know, practically always increase rankings in search engines because there are more chances for the spiders to visit your site. So don’t ignore links and how they play a role in getting listed quickly. With the third method, you are taking advantage of the fact that Google lists blogs quicker than normal sites. By adding a blog to your site, you are opening your site up to Google listing much quicker than they normally would. This is perhaps the most important method, so be sure you use it.
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